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I observe what I see from the outside and inside of myself in order to synthesize elements of time and eternity into a vision that at times expresses ambiguity, and other times, concrete form. There is a place that I call the “borderland,” that exists between the conscious and the unconscious. This is the land where potentials arrive from the heights and the depths to be transformed into actuals.

Title: Holy Land,  Dimensions: 24" x  48'

Title: Holy Land, Dimensions: 24" x 48'

The interplay of these events embodies a creative force that can be used for destruction or construction and combination of both that is not easy to define, but is a product of growth and transformation. The borderland is where the soul sits, from this vantage point there is a universal language that can bridge the illusionary gap between areas like art/science, chaos/solution, and human/divine. My paintings are an expression of spirit connecting forces synchronized with time, all branching back into the Father. I refer to my paintings as Spiritual Weapons of Mass Construction.

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